88-2 District Court Civil Division

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There are no process servers through our courthouse.
For paper service contact Lori or Dawn at the Montmorency County Sheriff's Department.

Montmorency Co. Sheriff's Department
11045 M-32 West Atlanta, MI 49709
(989) 785-4238

*Effective March 1st, 2016

Due to recent legislation, additional electronic filing fees will be assessed on all new civil cases
filed (includes: Landlord/Tenant, General Civil and Small Claims):

*$25 for Civil actions filed in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, Probation Court, and Court of Claims.

*$10 for Civil actions filed in the District Court, including summary proceedings actions.

*$20 for Civil actions filed in the District Court if a claim for money damages is joined with a claim for relief other than money damages.

*$5 for Civil actions filed in the Small Claims Division of the District Court
For more information on how to collect your money judgment click here.
The information on our website attempts to explain only the highlights of the District Court legal process and is not a complete statement of the law. Clerks of the court will be happy to assist you in the processing of your claims but they ARE NOT ATTORNEYS AND CANNOT GIVE OUT LEGAL ADVICE. If you have further questions, you may wish to consult an attorney or have an attorney represent you.

Updated 3/2/16